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Five trends that will impact your business' succession strategy

Posted by Aaron Wallace on July 24, 2015

New Zealand SME owners have been reluctant to address their business succession strategy and current market conditions will require an alteration to any past plans not followed through. Here are five important succession trends to be aware of.


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Topics: Succession Planning

Three employee share scheme options to help incentivise your team

Posted by Graham Lawrence on July 15, 2015

An effective way to attract, retain and incentivise your key people is by creating an employee share scheme. We introduce three popular employee share scheme options that every business should consider.

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Topics: Tax, Employee Share Schemes

Should 'tax' be on today's advisory board agendas?

Posted by Graham Lawrence on July 08, 2015

As the tax landscape continues to change with increased complexity of tax regulation both domestically and overseas, the management of tax is fast becoming a necessary part of today’s advisory board agendas. Graham Lawrence gives some important advice to business owners who want to get it right.

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Topics: Tax, SME Governance, Advisory Boards

Five business succession planning truths

Posted by Aaron Wallace on June 30, 2015

Succession has featured in the business owners’ and advisors’ vocabulary for close to five years. Aaron Wallace shares ten succession truths and, unfortunately, this time the truth is likely to hurt.

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Topics: Succession Planning

How to calculate working capital and your cash gap

Posted by Mike Atkinson on May 21, 2015

Despite their best efforts, many businesses struggle to shake off their cash flow restrictions. Why? Mike Atkinson explains. 


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Topics: Cash Flow

Learn how to do a breakeven analysis and improve profitability

Posted by Mike Atkinson on May 08, 2015

Managing profit and loss is all about managing the relationship between costs, volume and pricing. Breakeven is a tool that can help business owners and managers gauge the results of future changes to costs (expenses) or pricing.

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Topics: Breakeven Analysis

Seven employee induction tips

Posted by Damian Bennett on April 24, 2015

While we put our best foot forward during the recruitment process to win candidates over, it can be a challenge to carry this momentum through to a candidate's first day as a new employee. So here are seven employee induction tips for a more positive experience.

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Topics: Accounting Careers